Thursday, September 29, 2016


A successful business depends largely on the accountant, although at first glance his work is not visible: currently sits quietly paper goes through ...

In our time accountant - is a highly qualified specialist, from whose knowledge and skills depends largely on the business success of the company.

The laws in our state are changing very often, tax system is quite extensive and flexible, not every entrepreneur or head of the company has the time or the opportunity to be constantly aware of the legislation, to delve into the details and see the nuances of the law. In these cases come to the aid of an accountant.

How to document the transaction, so you do not get to unforeseen expenses in the form of taxes?

How to organize the accounting profit of the company?

How to check the company's employees who have access to material values ​​(money, materials, tools, etc.)?

Questions of this kind is very, very much, in such cases, again comes to the aid of an accountant.


My name is Ljudmila Gussarova. In the world of numbers and laws i exist, as i can remember: my mother was an accountant, and it was not a problem with the choice of profession. I liked to do a variety of calculations, digital classifications and simply fill blank cells with numbers. And what it was at that time - scoring machines! Scores - their history is calculated for centuries, FELIX adding machine, and later - the computer "Iskra".

In youth fascinated by computer technology and graduated from Leningrad Mechanical College with a degree as a programmer, but work in this area was not pleasant and I moved to carpool to the accounting department, so since ancient times, and stayed with the name "bookkeeper". Then there was a combine of consumer services in Latvia and my first place of the chief accountant - Valga district boiler management.

It was possible to work as a chief accountant in commerce, in the budgetary organizations at the station. Service, after restructuring the FIE(Individual Entrepreneur) checked in, and then opened a vast field of activity: make a small accounting firms and large consultation to entrepreneurs and executives of various companies, lecturing and training of private individuals accounting for an independent accounting and reporting.

In 1982 she graduated from the one-year course at the Training chief accountants combine the CSB of Latvia in Riga
In 1986 he graduated from the Finance and Economics Institute. Voznesensky Leningrad
2002 - 2003 she passed an 8-month training courses in Estonian AS CARE training center.
It frequently takes part in various seminars and courses in the specialty.

During his long professional life I have had time to prepare a 3-accountants, who are currently working successfully chief accountants.

Many students assisted in learning materials for accounting lectures.

Have experience working in companies with joint capital of AS College Kellari Finnish-Estonian clothing company.

Worked the last few years in the sewing enterprise OÜ Valervika, led accounting for 12 years OÜ Lumehelves - company engaged in the sale and servicing of household appliances.

Familiar with the design of customs documents.

Now I am cooperating with the transport and construction companies, lead accounting house administration, product and online stores, small IT companies and trade companies. Every year, assisted in the preparation of tax returns for the FIE(Individual Entrepreneur).